Experience, Integrity and Strategy

The Topgallant Group is an independent, fee-only investment management firm that provides trusted, strategic investment and wealth management solutions to both individuals and institutions

At The Topgallant Group, we are determined to establish long-term working relationships with our clients. We are committed to building these relationships through mutual respect and accountability. Since our founding, we've held ourselves to the highest ethical standards.

Our compensation structure reflects our commitment to helping our clients achieve success. There are no commissions or sales charges when you work with us. Thus, you can be assured that we recommend only the products that are most appropriate for each investor’s situation.

We don’t sell products in order to generate commissions. Instead, we put our clients first. We align your goals with our very best investment advice, and then help you stick to your plan.

Our depth and breadth of experience is one of our greatest strengths. We through shifting market environments and consumer moods. All the while, our philosophy has remained steadfast: Preserve capital while maximizing growth and income.

We welcome the opportunity to learn more about your investment goals and objectives. To schedule a personal meeting, call us at 303-838-7649 or please complete the form here.